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Here at MJA Business Solutions we are a team of experienced accountants, bookkeepers and administration specialists and we are focused on you and your business. We want to see you and your business grow and thrive. 

Above all, we are here to help.




Melanie Zander

Founder & CEO

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Carmen Chan

Senior Accountant

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Kristy Zander



Jesse Jasmine

Administration Specialist


Ebony Zander

Senior Accountant


Alana Wicks

Trainee Accountant


Tracy Clarke


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Charlotte Heddershaw

Administration Specialist


Ina Crombach

Senior Accountant

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Noah Jenkins

Trainee Accountant


Andrea Giacopazzi

Administration Manager

Our Story

Melanie Zander-Denny started MJA Business Solutions (then MJ Accountants) in 2007 with a vision to create an accounting firm that was more open and aligned with the client.  Over time our company has evolved to become a full service partner to our business clients, providing accounting, business coaching and wealth advice to help businesses to grow and thrive.

In the early years Melanie worked with business clients in a way that bridged the traditional gap between accountants and business owners.  Communication has always been in plain English, absent of complex accounting and financial terminology that confuses more than it helps.  MJA Business Solution accountants and bookkeepers have always had an open door policy, so business owners can ask questions and seek assistance without worrying that the clock is ticking.

In working with a large range of business clients, it became apparent that business owners needed far more than sound accounting advice to really drive their business and personal growth.  Late in 2014 MJA launched its business coaching services.  Trained business coaches work one on one with clients, teaching practical business skills, providing guidance for strategic decision, building business planning and providing encouragement and accountability.

Most business owners are in business with the primary purpose of building their personal wealth to create a lifestyle and security for their family.  The MJA team understand this and have established service networks to assist in wealth accumulation, asset management and retirement planning.

MJA Business Solutions is the complete package for business owners and individuals alike. We want to help you to growth and thrive.

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